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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help for ATLAS Applications?

We have a help site that contains several tutorials and help related pages. Feel free to take a look at the help site at http://help.atlas.illinois.edu

If you have a specfic tutorial you would like to see OR you can't find what you are looking for, contact us.

If you want to get started with one of our existing applications, contact us.

How do I sign into ATLAS applications? What is an AD Password?

Most ATLAS applications require a log-in using an AD (Active Directory) Password. Your AD login in user name and password are the same as those used to access Netfiles or an Exchange email. If you receive desktop support from ATLAS, this is the same id and password you use to log onto your office computer.

If you do not have an AD Login or don't remember it, please visit: https://passwords.cites.uiuc.edu to establish one.

  • Once you get to this page, Click on CITES PASSWORDS
  • Login using your NetID and NetID Password
  • Be sure that Campus Active Directory is checked and enter your new password
  • Click Set Passwords

Now, you should be able to login using the newly created AD password. If you have any other further problems, please email ATLAS-Data at atlas-data@illinois.edu

What is the difference between ATLAS Reporting Services and Business Objects?

ATLAS Reporting Services generates a variety of one time and reoccurring Academic Data Reports, which are accessible to clients in a format that allows individual/ specific changes to be made. ATLAS Reporting Services also takes requests and offers guidance through email to generate reports specific to a client's needs.

Business Objects offers a slightly different approach, using a "Report Builder" Interface. For power users who know the way campus data is structured, this enables a flexible way to set up individualized and specific reports. However, the "Report Builder" will not offer personal contact or guidence in building specific reports.

Do I have access to ATLAS Reports?

Most LAS Department Advisors, Department Secretaries, and Primary Department Contact Persons are automatically granted access to ATLAS Reporting Services.

However, if you have a specific need for an academic report that is offered through ATLAS services, and are not automatically granted access, you may submit a request for access to ATLAS Data, at atlas-data@illinois.edu. Report requests are granted on individual reports only, so please consult the ATLAS Report Outline to find the report that best fits your needs.

What Excel Resources are available to me?

Most ATLAS reports are delivered in Excel, which gives our clients the ability to analyze information themselves. For your convenience, below is some Excel information and resources:

  • Microsoft Excel Website
    • Click "Help and How-to" on the left side navigation bar for help on multiple versions of Excel.
    • Also click "Training" on the left side navigation for training on multiple versions of Excel.
  • A wide variety of full-day or shorter workshops for Microsoft Excel offered by FAST3, on campus

What is the AtlasDropBox? How do I access it?

AtlasDropBox is used as a location where clients can drop off files required by ATLAS teams. The folder is accessible for use by any client as requested by ATLAS teams (Reporting, Dev, and Web).