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Statistical & GIS Software Documentation & Resources

ATLAS Open Labs

ATLAS provides access to the statistical & GIS software we support in our open labs.

  • There is an open lab located in 2043 Lincoln Hall with experienced consultants to answer statistical software and GIS questions. More information
  • There is also an open lab available for general use in the basement of the Foreign Language Building. More information

Purchasing Statistics and GIS software

All university faculty, staff, and students can purchase programs that are installed in ATLAS labs for office or home computers. The cost and permanence of licenses vary with each program and can differ for students, faculty, and staff. ATLAS in no way endorses any of these options and is not responsible for software pricing or purchasing. All installation questions should be directed to webstore@uiuc.edu

ArcGIS v10.2.2

ArcGIS is a desktop and feature based geographic information system (GIS) software. This program allows a user to create and display professional level maps, query, summarize, and organize data geographically.

ArcGIS documentation and resources

Atlas.ti 7.5.3

Atlas.ti is a desktop software program for conducting qualitative coding and analysis.

Atlas.ti documentation and resources

R 3.1.0

R is a statistical software that is licensed as a free open source program under GNU license. As a statistical software, it can be used for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. In addition it contains advanced statistical procedures. R runs on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. R can be downloaded for free at http://cran.r-project.org/. R Studio, a GUI for R, is included with the installation.

R documentation and resources

R Studio documentation and resources

SAS v9.4

SAS is a general statistical software program that has a steeper learning curve than SPSS, but offers more data manipulation procedures. SAS is typically run using a command language.

SAS documentation and resources

SPSS Statistics 22

SPSS is a general statistical software program that is a good choice for a beginner due to its user-friendly GUI environment. SPSS has good data management capabilities. SPSS is typically used in the social sciences.

SPSS documentation and resources


STATA is a statistical software program that has fewer data management capabilities than SPSS and SAS, but has some specialized statistical procedures that other programs do not have.