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Classrooms Equipment Guide

This page contains information to help you use our classrooms.

  • Applies to rooms: Davenport Hall 338, English Bldg. 304 (projector controls on podium only), and FLB: G3, G7, G8a, G13, G17, G23, G27.
  • Not applicable to rooms: English Bldg. 304 (Dual LCDs controlled by touch screen) or FLB G52 (operated by projector remote control).

The Control Panel

  • You can use the computer without the projector.
  • Turn on the projector ON/OFF.
  • Choose PC, DVD, Laptop, or Auxiliary input. (G52 FLB only offers the resident PC, while English Bldg. 304 has additional features.)
    • It takes a minute for the projector to warm up. If it's stuck on a blue screen, press the button for another source, like DVD, wait a few seconds, and then switch back to what you want.
  • Use the audio knob for volume. You can also mute/unmute the audio using the corresponding buttons.
  • If you don't want the students to see your screen, press DISPLAY MUTE. Press it again to display.
    Buttons to control audio video switcher

The Computer

  • Login: Use your Net ID & AD password.
  • Unlocking your password: If you get a pop up message that you have been locked out, then:
    • Use someone else's computer, or visit G8 FLB.
    • Go to the Tech Services password page & log in with your Net ID password. If you do not know this password, see a Tech Services registrar in 1211 DCL. Take photo id.
    • Once you unlock or reset your password, it should work immediately.

Laptops/ Tablets

  • Little immediate help is available for laptops. If it doesn't work, we recommend using the desktop computer. Laptops should be tested in advance, or you can make an appointment for more involved assistance.
  • Connecting your laptop: You can hook your laptop up using the VGA & audio cables provided. Press the "laptop" button on the control panel.
  • Some rooms have wired ethernet cables, but in many we only offer CITES wireless networking for laptops. You may need to consult them for advanced assistance.
  • Laptop not displaying to the projector? You may need to select an external monitor to get your laptop to send signal out. On your laptop it should be one of the function buttons & may have an icon on it that looks like a monitor or overlapping squares. You may also need to change the resolution.