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ATLAS Report Delivery

The Self Serve Report Delivery Service has been organized to meet the ongoing needs of the University of Illinois' Administrative and Instructional Staff offering accessibility to archives of organized online academic records.ATLAS' Report Delivery Service provides reliable, accurate and updated information in an easy to use format that provides clear and concise information pertinent to all academic fields of study.These records appear according to individually granted accessibility. This means that you may not have access to the same records as others, and vise versa. If you do not have access to a report, and you have a valid reason why you should be granted permission to view it, you may file a request through email to the ATLAS Department

All reports are generated in both PDF and Excel files, which enables easy printing and ability to edit data (Excel). Reports are grouped by category, with specific settings that can be altered to match your search. Most categories of files ask for the specific semester Term that you are looking for, and some even allow you to choose the specific date you want your information from, via Snapshot. In order to obtain the most accurate data for the term you have selected you must choose the Snapshot date as the most recent date in the Term you are looking for.

Each category of files will have different settings that can be chosen to yield the specific file that you are searching for. A description of each specific setting that can be altered within various categories is listed below.