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Re/design Process

Many projects need some custom process that's difficult to plan for, but a typical site redesign might look something like:

Discovery and analysis

  • The completed project planner kick starts the project
  • Meet for clarification on the project requirements

Design phase

  • 2 initial design compositions
  • 2 additional design rounds for feedback and refinement

Wireframe and content development

  • Organize structure and propose a sitemap
  • Build a content-only version of the site using strict web standards and accessibility guidelines
  • Optional: Integrate common Toolbox services (i.e. calendar, news, RSS)
  • Optional: Integrate the ATLAS Directory for faculty management of profile pages
  • Optional: Create a page for visitors to give to the department/unit through UIF

Template development

  • Convert the approved design into a set of standards and accessibility compliant templates
  • Merge the templates with the approved wireframe

Testing and clean-up

  • Test the new website for consistency in all common browsers and platforms
  • Finalize the code, clean up files/folders, and move the site into the production environment