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Site Design & Development

The ATLAS web design group is a small team designing and building websites that are accessible to all users, fast, easy to use, easily updated, and designed to meet standards and join the modern web. 

In addition to the complete redesign work we have done shown below, we also can give your site a facelift.  View some of the before and after shots.

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Focused on accessibility

Sites designed for accessibility do more than meet legal requirements; they are more responsive, easier to update, ensure a consistent look and feel across browsers & platforms, are optimized for search engines, reach the wildest possible audience, and stay ahead of an evolving web. Making web content accessible to all ensures the campus online presence never turns away students, researchers, or friends of the university.

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Other questions about design or development services? Have a specific project in mind? Contact the web group.


The following image reflects the mutual relationship between Clients and ATLAS for the Web Design/ Support process: