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Request a Website to Collect Information From People

To request an ATLAS FormBuilder website, please fill out this page and click SUBMIT. Once we have collected all details of what you need, our normal turnaround time to produce a live site is two weeks. This lets us fit the work in to our schedule, and produce an initial sample site for you to review before it goes live.

If you would like more information, below is a brief introduction to our ATLAS FormBuilder system. If you need more detail than what's here, please contact atlas-apps@uiuc.edu.

If you need a website to collect information from people, ATLAS can use its ATLAS FormBuilder Application to quickly set one up for you. The ATLAS FormBuilder Application manages websites that give people information, collect information from them, and allow you to view what they submit. Such websites can be used to handle workshop registrations, action requests, signup sheets or questionnaires.

Here are some of the features and options the ATLAS FormBuilder can provide:

  • A cap on the number of people who sign up for an event
  • The ability for people to sign up for individual sessions within your event
  • The ability for people to invite guests
  • Waiting lists
  • Secure processing of online payments
  • Automatic notifications of new activity on your site

Request the Formbuilder Application

Tell us about yourself. Fields marked with a ( * ) are required.

  • Phone Number(examples: 555-1212 or 217-555-1212)

  • What best describes what you need a website to do?

    • Handle registrations for a conference, workshop or other event
    • Manage a questionnaire or survey
    • Allow people to submit requests or petitions, etc.

    • Please provide details of what you need (Example: I need a site to let students sign up for classroom experiments. The experiments run from March 6 to March 15. Students sign up for one of 14 experiment sessions. Each session takes a maximum of 30 students, and all sessions are held in 390 Lincoln Hall.)