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Learn@Illinois Moodle Service

Instructors can use the Learn@Illinois Moodle Service to post course materials, conduct online discussions, and give computer-graded quizzes.

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Who can use Learn@Illinois?

Any person who is teaching in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can use the Learn@Illinois Moodle Service. Additionally, Learn@Illinois can be used for non-course functions (such as a bulletin board for a student organization) as long as the person or organization is affiliated with the College of LAS. Contact ATLAS-TLT for more info.

What kind of functionality does Learn@Illinois offer?

  • Quizzes (T/F, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Many More!)
  • Self-Guided Lessons
  • Wikis
  • Peer Assessment (called Workshop)
  • Feedback Tools
  • Discussion Forums
  • Assignment Tools
  • Journals
  • Glossary (Users can create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary)
  • File Uploading

What support is available for those using Learn@Illinois?

ATLAS is happy to help both instructors and students using Learn@Illinois.

Check out or online help hours or contact ATLAS-TLT to schedule a meeting with one of our Instructional Support Assistants.

What password do instructors and students use to log into Learn@Illinois?

Use your University of Illinois AD "Active Directory" password.

How are students enrolled into a Learn@Illinois course site?

Course rosters are automatically populated with new students at the beginning of each semester. Please note that after a student officially registers for a course in Banner, it can take up to 48-hours before they appear in Learn@Illinois. Instructors have the option to manually enroll students into their course sites if necessary.

Learn how to manually add users

Where can instructors find Learn@Illinois help documentation?