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Student Employment Positions

SOS Computer Assistant

ATLAS-SOS provides day-to-day desktop computer support for the college of LAS. The student technicians within this service group fix hardware and software problems, troubleshoot network connectivity issues, and help maintain accurate inventory, in addition to assisting with a wide range of other IT support issues.

  • Requirements: Know how to install, maintain, and repair Windows XP, 7, and Mac OSX, recognize the internal hardware of a computer by sight, possess good time management and customer service skills, and have the ability to work independently.
  • Preferred skills: Experience using imaging techniques, familiarity with the Active Directory, some scripting or basic sysadmin skills.
  • Apply: Not currently accepting applications.

Help desk

The help desk operates about ten computer-equipped classrooms and one open lab. Help desk students also assist users with a variety of issues such as audio-visual equipment, directory services, logging into and using computers, and printing.

  • Apply: Not currently accepting applications.

Digital Media

  • Apply: Not currently accepting applications

Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT)

  • Apply: Not currently accepting applications

Web Services

ATLAS Web Services is seeking a skilled web developer to assist a team in the creation of websites throughout the College of LAS. Primary duties will involve creation of Dreamweaver based website templates using HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • Required: Must be an enrolled undergraduate student.
  • Must have experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Apply: Apply online

Office Support

  • Apply: Not currently accepting applications