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Terms & Conditions

Use of rooms is by reservation only

If you wish to use one of our rooms, please make a reservation. Unauthorized users will be asked to leave. Reservations must be made by 3pm the business day before your requested date. Requests are processed Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm (though hours may change for breaks, holidays & summer terms). You will receive an email confirmation if your event has been approved or denied. If you have not received confirmation or denial, please contact us to verify if your event has been approved.

Instructors must be present

We ask that an instructor be in the room for every reservation whenever students are present. If we find students unattended in a classroom, they will have to leave.

Please no food or open top drinks in computer classrooms

Please, assist us in keeping food & open top drinks out of our classrooms. They can damage the equipment or leave it unpleasant for other users. only drinks in bottles or lidded containers are acceptable. Bringing food and drinks without lids, including university catering, may result in a minimum fee of $50 to cover labor and equipment costs. If you wish to distribute food to your students, please do so outside of the room after your reservation has ended.

Shutting off the projector

Please, turn off the projector before you leave a classroom. Projectors left on may overheat, and then your colleagues may not be able to use it for several hours.

Locking rooms / preventing theft

Several thousands of dollars of equipment has been taken from rooms that were open for only 5-10 minutes. If you needed a key, a combination, or an i-card to enter a room, then unless another class is entering, please be sure that ALL of your students are gone and lock up before you leave. For your safety, if you feel that someone is in a room who shouldn't be, please contact us (3-6300) or the police rather than confront anyone. Please, help us prevent further theft, which can result in classes not having the resources they need. For reservations during normal hours in the basement of FLB & on the 2nd floor of Lincoln Hall, our staff will take care of locking rooms.

Please leave rooms on time

As a courtesy to the classes after yours, please leave within 5 minutes of the end of your reservation. Room cleaning or maintenance may also be planned for the rooms but not appear on the schedule. For events in FLB, if your event ends at our closing time, please leave the room within 5 minutes of closing (normally by 4:55 PM or 7:55 PM) as we have to tidy up and set alarms. Staff is not allowed to stay late, so if you don’t leave on time, your department may be billed $50 for cost recovery of labor.

Notification of cancellations

Please notify ATLAS-Rooms (3-6300) if you decide not to use a room on any given day. Other instructors may be able to use the resources.