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Classroom: Foreign Languages Building G8A

Room G8A FLB is a fixed-desk computer classroom located in the basement and is available for use by the College of LAS, or by other University purposes for a fee. It is about 26’ deep by 43' wide. The room features a carpeted floor and central air. The projector system is operated by a push-button control pad and is connected to a computer.


  • Equipment Instructions
  • Seating capacity: 40 student computers and height-adjustable seats
  • Furniture:
    • Fixed desks in 3 rows with an aisle in the middle
    • 2 height-adjustable desks for students
    • Height-adjustable chairs
    • Instructor: 1 height-adjustable desk, 1 fixed-height desk
    • Marker boards
    • 1 mobile table, seats 4-6
  • Displays:
    • Dual projectors on the South wall (both show same image)
    • Operated by a push-button control pad on the desk
    • Windows computer with DVD drive
    • Region-free DVD player
    • Inputs for VGA + audio and auxiliary composite AV (yellow, red, white) to display personal devices.
    • Document Camera
  • Audio:
    • 2 wall-mounted speakers and a series of ceiling speakers are connected to all source inputs.
    • Headsets with microphones for the instructor and students are located at the computers.
  • Access:
    • Desk staff in room G8 FLB will unlock the room about 10 minutes before class.
    • The instructor equipment is NOT locked.


View of the Room


a view of the front of the room.