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Classroom: English Building 304

Room 304 EB is a flexible, active learning classroom, which enables instructors to display and discuss video games, films, television, and other video media. First priority for full-semester scheduling is given to special use classes from the English Department and the School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics. Classes from other departments will be placed as possible with preference given to classes featuring active learning principles or in need of the instructional technology located in the room.

ATLAS Classrooms


  • Seating capacity: 49
  • Furniture:
    • tables and chairs on casters
    • a fixed podium and a mobile, height-adjustable lectern
    • 5 marker boards (at least 1 on every wall) - markers & erasers are ┬áprovided.
    • storage cabinets (for full semester users)
  • 2 presentation areas
    • HD Projector: North wall, from fixed podium
      • Instructions
      • Push-button control pad
      • 16:9 widescreen projection at a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 120” diagonal
      • Windows Computer with DVD drive
      • BluRay Player
      • AppleTV for wireless display of Apple products using AirPlay
      • HDMI & VGA inputs for personal devices
      • AV input from the dual LCDs on the west wall
    • Dual 82” LCDs: West wall
      • Instructions
      • Wall-mounted touch screen control pad (currently requires TV remote as well)
      • They both typically show the same content, but they can be different.
      • HDMI & VGA inputs for personal devices
      • AppleTV for wireless display of Apple products using AirPlay. However, as the AppleTV and its remote are locked in a cabinet, they are inaccessible to most users for anything more than wireless display.
      • AV input from the podium/projector on the north wall
  • Access: Access to this room & equipment is restricted.
    • If you have a full term request, you will use your i-card for swipe access.
    • For select date use, you will check a key out from room G8 FLB.
    • The instructor podium requires a combination code for the padlock to access most items. IF left on, the computer is usable without a code.
    • Apple TV AirPlay uses a passcode, which will be issued when you receive confirmation.
    • The AV cabinet tied to the dual LCDs has additional AV equipment which is restricted to select faculty with specific instructional needs.


Room 304 is about 45’ by 35’ and is located at the SE corner of the building. The room features a hardwood floor and a high, slightly vaulted ceiling. There are shades for the windows, 2 air conditioning units and radiators for heat.

Seating capacity is 49 and is reconfigurable as instructors choose with NO default layout. Options include one height-adjustable, padded stool and 10 height-adjustable padded task chairs. The remaining chairs are fixed-height, stackable, poly-shell with arms and casters.

Other furnishings include assorted tables and a lectern on casters which can be arranged as needed with no default position. There are 5 marker boards, with at least one on each wall, and storage cabinets for instructors in the room all semester (upon request).

Technology consists of 3 displays divided in 2 "zones", a single projector and screen and two 82" LCDs in parallel. The projector system is operated by a push-button control pad and is connected to a computer, BluRay player, AppleTV for wireless display, and HDMI and VGA inputs for personal devices. The two LCDs are controlled by a touch screen pad and can display a computer (mainly for video-gaming), an AppleTV, several video game consoles and inputs for HDMI and VGA. Both LCDs and the cabinet can show what is being displayed at the other location. Additionally, the two LCDs can each show a distinct HDMI input located beneath each one. In that instance, each LCD displays content exclusively to that screen.


Room 304 was renovated in the Summer of 2016 in a joint project funded by the Department of English, the School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, LAS Administration, and ATLAS with additional support from Facilities and Services. At the time it had 30 student computers on fixed desks in a rib-pattern along with an instructor station connected to a projector with a PC, DVD player and inputs for VGA and auxiliary video. Two marker boards flanked either side of the screen. About a quarter of the room was sectioned off from the computers by a chest-high partition wall. In the smaller section were task chairs and tables on casters.

View of the Room

Room 304 Engoish panoramic view of the North wall instructor area and projector screen.

North Wall

A view of the room 304 instructor area including stool, podium and storage cabinet.

Instructor podium

A northwest view of room 304 including the doorway and dual 82-inch displays.

Northwest corner

A northeast view of room 304 including tables, chairs, projector screen and instructor podium.

Northeast corner

A southeast view or room 304 including tables, chairs and marker boards.

Southeast corner

Before the rennovations....
A view of room 304 before rennovations
A view of room 304 before rennovations