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Classroom: Davenport Hall 338

Room 338 Davenport Hall is a fixed-desk computer classroom, which enables instructors to present from 2 seperate projectors located on adjoining walls. First priority for full-semester scheduling is given to classes in the Department of Geography, which opted to share the room over ten years ago with other LAS classes. Classes from other departments will be placed in 338 once the full term schedule is set.


  • Equipment instructions: main projector, 2nd projector and AirMedia wireless display.
  • Seating capacity: 30 height-adjustable seats and student computers (with a few extra chairs)
  • Furniture:
    • Fixed desks in rows perpendicular to the screen
    • 1 ADA height-adjustable desk
    • A stool, mobile table and fixed-height podium for the intsructor
    • 2 marker boards
  • Displays:
    • Digital sign: A sign is located just outside the room, which displays the room schedule along with other useful information, like weather and bus schedules.
    • Primary projector: East wall, from fixed podium
      • Operated by a push-button control pad on the podium
      • Windows computer with DVD drive
      • Region-free DVD player
      • Inputs for VGA + audio and Aux composite AV (yellow, red, white) to display personal devices
      • Transparency OHP
    • Wireless, wall-mounted projector: South wall, from devices with internet access
      • How to use it: You can also send video content from this projector to the primary projector.
      • A Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation device is conected to the second projector.
        • How to use it: You go to a website or use an app.
        • Limitations: This device does not handle audio + video as they will quickly get out of sync, but you can do one or the other.
  • Audio:
    • 2 wall-mounted speakers are connected to the podium and all source inputs.
      • This includes the wireless projector IF you connect your laptop's audio port or us ethe resident PC.
    • 1 speaker bar for the wireless projector
    • A headset with microphone that can be used with software for voicelift
  • Access:
    • Access to this room is restricted as the door is always locked.
    • If you have a full term request, you will use your i-card for swipe access.
    • For select date use, you will check a key out from room G8 FLB.
    • The instructor equipment is NOT locked.


Room 338 is about 25’ deep by 35’ long and is located at the NW corner of the building with windows on 2 walls. The room features a carpeted floor and a high ceiling. There are shades for the windows, 3 air conditioning units, and radiators. The desks are lined in pennisulas from the west wall with the podium, marker boards and primary projector located on the east wall.Technology consists of 2 displays divided in 2 "zones", a primary projector and screen and a projector able to wirlessly display computers, tablet sand phones. The projector system is operated by a push-button control pad and is connected to a computer,region free DVD player, and inputs for personal devices using VGA, audio, and composite cables.


Room 338 was previously a Geography Department classroom, which they contributed to the pool of ATLAS computer classrooms. Carpet was installed in the summer of 2014, and the wireless projection was added over the winter of 2014-2015. Plans to remodel 338 were put on hold while a master plan for the building was initiated; however, we do hope to make some upgrades to the room sooner.

View of the Room

A view of the east wall with instructor area.

East Wall

The instructor podium.

Instructor podium

A view of the student desks and southwest corner.

Northwest corner

A view of the northeast corner desks and instructor area.

Northeast corner

A view of the student desks in the southwest corner.

Southwest corner