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ATLAS Classrooms Services

ATLAS provides student computer classrooms for courses in the College of LAS at the University of Illinois. Rooms may be reserved for a full semester or on an as-needed basis. They may be available to non-LAS users for a fee but are not available for non-University use. Our classrooms have presentation equipment for the instructor and computers for each student.

General Information


You need your campus AD password to use our computers. If you don't know your password, to set it visit the campus Password Management Page or the Technology Services help desk.


  • When printing from our rooms, you must go to the print release station in room G8 FLB. Jobs will remain in the queue for about 90 minutes before they are cleared out.
  • When printing files from the internet, save it to the desktop first, and then print that version. Printing files you opened from email or Compass, etc., may often fail or take a long time.
  • Printing sizable files in general (like images, maps, PDFs, & PowerPoint presentations) can take a long time. It's the size of the file, not the # of pages that matters. To avoid delays do not print at the same time as the rest of your class or during the middle of the day.