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At CITL-ATLAS Instructional Media Resources, we are committed to providing long-term access to the media content we produce. For media materials to be useful, they must be accessible and searchable. The purpose of this archive is to provide that service to the campus community by developing a searchable catalog for our thousands of hours of video.

Distribution Options

If you opt to make your content public, we will assist you in distributing your content through a variety of sources to reach your intended audience.

  • Ensemble - Ensemble is a video content management system that allows videos to automatically appear on your website as soon as they are ready, and to be easily shared to other websites on campus that use the system.
  • UI-7 - UI7 is the cable television service of the College of Media at the University of Illinois, reaching 30,000 households in the region. We can provide your video to the station manager to include in their scheduling.
  • ATLAS Archive - This online library contains content we have produced for a wide range of departments and organizations at the University of Illinois. Our collection includes lectures and conferences, performances and special events, historic materials, original curricula, and more. As we provide access to our older materials, we are working to improve keywords and subject descriptions to make them more easily searchable.

CITL-ATLAS instructional Media Resources is a campus-level partnership between the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.