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Archival Services

CITL-ATLAS Instructional Media Resources archives our media content as part of our audio/video distribution process. This process ensures that our recordings will be available for long-term online distribution and use. We maintain a catalog of our projects to ensure that all necessary descriptive information is preserved to allow for future uses of our media content. Our staff is also involved in research and development to meet archival standards for media preservation and distribution.

As a standard part of our media production process we will:

  • Store the physical media.
  • Maintain the master and distribution files on our secure servers.
  • Collect and record metadata to provide access to the media content.
  • Regularly update digital content to provide our clients with current media formats.

If you are interested in professional quality archival preservation for your collection, please contact Preservation & Conservation at the University Library.

Understanding Metadata

Why is metadata important? Metadata, or structured information about communication media (books, videos, audio recordings) designed to improve search, retrieval, and archiving, is data that describes the creation, content and/or context of an individual resource or a collection of resources. Developing metadata to describe our media content allows us to improve access and distribution.

CITL-ATLAS Instructional Media Resources is a campus-level partnership between the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.