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Curricular Media Production

For curricular media production, we will help you develop custom multi-media materials tailored to the needs of your courses for use in the classroom, or online. From interviews and documentaries, to simulations and demonstrations, to skits and dramatizations, we will work with you to accomplish your goals.

Services provided include:


  • Determine the scope and scale of your project
  • Identify the appropriate medium for presenting your content in the physical or online classroom
  • Script and design of your project
  • Choose a location or design a set in the studio

Professional Video Production

  • Digitally video-record all materials (i.e.- on location or in our full production studio)
  • Edit your video (i.e. add transitions and effects)
  • Design titles and graphics (i.e. edit and master the sound, add voiceovers, green screen, music and effects)
  • State-of-the-art distribution technology to secure your intellectual property rights and meet state accessibility requirements.

Digital Audio Production

  • Record high quality audio in the CITL-ATLAS recording studio
  • Create voice-overs, language recordings, and audio samples for instructional or research purposes
  • Provide professional audio post-production services for distribution and broadcast

Please contact us to set-up a consultation for our Curricular Media Production Services.

CITL-ATLAS Instructional Media Resources is a campus-level partnership between the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.