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Departmental Support

ATLAS SOS keeps university-owned computer(s) running smoothly with needed software, repair supported hardware and assistance with the purchase and set-up of new computers.

Our goal is to provide outstanding IT support to the clients we serve. We work with our departments, faculty, and staff in planning, purchasing, setting up and maintaining computer systems. We also serve as a primary point of contact for our departments linking them to the many other IT services ATLAS provides. A more detailed description of the service ATLAS provides is found in our Terms of Service.

Any questions regarding support for an LAS department can be sent to Daniel J Wood (danwood).

Check With ATLAS First!

If you're buying a new computer or purchasing software, please clear those purchases with ATLAS first. In order to minimize purchasing and support costs, ATLAS arranges bulk purchases of computers, and restricts support to specific makes & models.



ATLAS Cost Sharing Initiative

Results of the spring, Cost Sharing BPI project were positive according to the customer satisfaction survey responses.  Participants reported being Very Satisfied to Fairly Satisfied for 61% to 100% of each and every area that was previously considered a problem.  (Ratings included:  Very Satisfied, Fairly Satisfied, Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied, Fairly Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied.)  We also received several great suggestions which we have been working on.

As part of the new implementation, units may now submit Cost Sharing requests beginning May 16, 2016 and ending 5:00 p.m., May 15, 2017 for the current fiscal year.  As requested from the survey, we were able to add a feature to our Formbuilder app which will enable units to save their submission and come back to it prior to submitting it to the appropriate zone manager for review.

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