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ATLAS Internship Program

Our internship opportunities range from data analytics and web content to social media and communications. Internships are designed for all LAS majors with a wide variety of interests in mind.


Potential Internship Opportunities

Communication Specialist

The Communication Specialist Intern will work closely with a variety of full-time ATLAS staff.


  • Assist ATLAS establish and maintain good communications with various clients in the College of LAS
  • Plan, curate, and distribute internal and external newsletters toimprove communication with our clients raise awareness of IT issues and concerns on campus, and strengthen our diverse organization

You will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • Collaboration skills needed for working with diverse and physically distributed teams
  • Tools for electronic newsletter creation and distribution
  • Preparing and reporting on newsletter analytics
  • Writing technical documentation for non-technical audiences

Data Analyst Intern


  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends and patterns in data
  • Work with staff on all 3 Illinois campuses

A successful Data Analyst will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • data discovery, identification, and cleansing
  • analyzing real data to find trends and correlations
  • data analysis tools used in a financial office
  • working collaboratively with a distributed team
  • Explaining technical, mathematical, and statistical documentation to non-technical audiences

Learning Technology Intern


  • Evaluate Moodle service and other educational technology services from learner's perspective
  • Recommend improvements to the services based on the evaluation
  • Work with LAS Online Advisory Board and Moodle Advisory Group
  • Produce reports about programs at other institutions to inform our efforts
  • Help with design and maintenance of LAS Online website

A successful Learning Technology intern will gain knowledge and experience in:

  • User Experience and Interface Design (UXD) and recommend how to improve services
  • Web accessibility requirements
  • Collaboration skills required for diverse project teams and advisory groups
  • Electronic communication tools
  • Learn about professional and continuing education programs at other institutions of higher education

Service Admin Intern


  • Assist with the service management of the ATLAS Ticketing system
  • Assist with queue and user management
  • Plan a system upgradeand coordinate testing efforts

A successful Service Administration Intern will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • concepts surrounding service management
  • specifics related to Cerberus Helpdesk software
  • project management skills
  • communication skills required for working with technical staff and distributed teams

User Support & Document Specialist


  • Learn an applicationand be able tocreate documentation for ATLAS clients
  • Teach the clients how to leverage the system
  • Answer users questions

A successful User Support & Document Specialist will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • Writing technical documentation for non-technical audiences
  • Reviewing and analyzing metrics captured by the knowledge base tool
  • Techniques for publishing different content on websites
  • Communication skills required for working with technical staff and their non-technical users

Website Developer

This intern will work with a client to develop and maintain the client's web presence.


  • Collaborate with the client to create or modify a modern design appealing to the client and their intended audience
  • Create and modify a website template using tools specified by the client
  • Develop and/or implement website widgets to provide specific functionality
  • Input client content
  • Test and modify the website to meet accessibility requirements
  • Train client on tools required to maintain website content
  • Document the process and environment for future developers

A successful Website Developer will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • Current website design trends
  • Modern website development standards
  • Web development tools and languages such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Drupal, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Website accessibility requirements and implementation techniques
  • Client communication skills

Workflow Specialist

This intern will be working with a client to document processes and identify opportunities for streamlining and improving the process.


  • Work collaboratively with the client to agree upon a finalized process
  • Implement the process using a web based tool to create web forms for capturing information
  • Use logical statements to trigger various events, send email, and move forms through the process stages
  • Use built in reporting tools to provide clients with needed reports

A successful Workflow Specialist will gain knowledge and experience with:

  • Business Process Improvement concepts
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Documentation and flow-charting methods
  • Logical and conditional programming statements
  • Client communication skills

What We Look For

We accept students of all calibers who are in the College of LAS. Our unique program has no GPA requirements and no prior experience is necessary. All we look for is an interest in technology, motivation, a passion for learning and the drive to succeed!


Contact Us

Contact our Program Director, Michelle Rome, to learn more and get involved with student development.