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Frequently Asked Questions

ATLAS will work with you to create custom software applications to meet your special needs.


Digital Signage

How do I get a digital sign installed in my building?

ATLAS will consult with you on suitable hardware for your location and can gather costs for purchasing and installing the equipment. We will also help you configure the layout of content on the screen and train you on the tools to update your content. To get started, contact atlas-signs@illinois.edu

How do I update content on my sign?

There are as many different ways to update content on your signage as there are content types. Content that changes infrequently is often best handled by emailing updated information to atlas-signs@illinois.edu. More frequently updated content can be handled through the campus Webtools suite which allows easy posting of content that can be streamed to your signs as well as your website if you desire.

What kind of information should I put on my sign?

There are many options. Some examples are:

  • Upcoming events
  • Map of the building
  • Current local or national news
  • Photos from your building or unit events
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Nearby bus schedules
  • Weather forecasts
  • Promotions for student groups
  • Descriptions of new or upcoming course offerings

The list is as long as your creativeness. Talk to us about your ideas at atlas-signs@illinois.edu.


LMS Development

Can you help me evaluate the results of my quiz?

ATLAS can create custom interfaces for reviewing student work and assigning grades in Learn@Illinois Moodle and LON-CAPA; two Learning Management Systems run in the College of LAS. To start the discussion, please contact the ATLAS Teaching and Learning with Technology group (TLT) at atlas-tlt@illinois.edu. If you need help with adding extra functionality in Compass 2G, you should contact Campus Technology Services at consult@illinois.edu.

Can you install a Moodle plugin I found?

We are happy to look at any plugins that you think would be useful. Because installing any additional code on the service can have an impact on the entirety of the system, we will review the plugin to ensure that it will not cause any security or usability issues, that the provider of the plugin has a maintenance history that shows us it will be maintained long term, and that the plugin will be straightforward to turn off should it become necessary down the road. If you have questions about the process, please email atlas-tlt@illinois.edu.


What is Lon-Capa?

Lon-Capa is a learning management system similar to Compass or Moodle. It distinguishes itself by being more powerful and robust. At the same time, it has a much higher learning curve than a more approachable LMS.

Is it right for you?

Students: Lon-capa is behaving oddly. What do I do?

Please report the problem to your TA and instructor as well as lon-capa@illinois.edu. Screenshots are extremely helpful. Once you've reported the problem, attempt logging out of Lon-Capa and restarting your browser resolves most issues.

Students: How can I log into Lon-Capa?

https://lon-capa.illinois.edu/ will direct you to a login page. Use your active directory password. You will also need to be enrolled in a course using Lon-Capa.


Moodle Help

How do I request a course site?
How do I add a student or colleague to my course website?
How do I manage forum emails?

I can’t see my course website.
How do I edit my profile?
How do I manage forum emails?


University Data Reporting

What does ATLAS Reporting Services do?

We help put administrative data to work for college and department operations, decisionmaking, and research. We generate everything from simple student lists to complex interactive retention studies. We can also reduce manual labor by generating batch files for upload to Banner and by populating listservs. Please see our <link>main page</link> for more information.

What type of data do you have?

Our reports mainly include official campus student, HR and finance data. They can incorporate custom data.

What are our data sources?

ATLAS has access to campuswide student, HR and finance information from the AITS electronic data warehouse. We also have LAS degree-audit information from DARS, such as Major GPAs.

How fresh is the data?

For Banner-based information, we update student data daily, HR data weekly, and finance data monthly. When loaded, the data is current through the end of the previous day. Information from DARS is normally updated twice a semester, with a special pull for end-of-semester grade audit.

What type of history is available?

Our self-service reports can display student history back to Fall 2007 and HR information back to Fall 2004. Our custom reports can include full information back to Fall 2004, with more limited information back to the 1980s.

What self-service reports are currently available?

View our list: http://www.atlas.illinois.edu/support/web/reporting/delivery/default.aspx

What if I what I need isn't in the self-service library?

ATLAS Reporting Services is happy to work with you to design the report you need, whether it's one-time or recurring. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

How do I make a request?

Use our online request form (http://www.atlas.illinois.edu/services/web/reporting/submitreport/), or contact us directly at atlas-data@illinois.edu.

What's the cost?

Our service is free for LAS faculty and staff. Our work for other units and organizations has also been free of charge, but we may need to make other arrangements in the future.

What's the response time?

For new requests, our normal turnaround time is ten business days or less after we have the project requirements. This can change based on current workload.

What format are the reports in?

Most ATLAS reports are in Microsoft Excel format. Paginated reports are in PDF format. We can also produce fixed-length text files for Banner batch processing and delimited files for other uploads. Please note that many of our custom reports contain interactive features that work best in Excel for Windows. These features may not be supported in the Mac version of Excel.


Web Services

Can you build me a website?

ATLAS Web Services is here to support any unit in the College of LAS with their web publishing needs. We have graphic designers, user interface, and support people as well as the entire ATLAS team backing us to serve you. In some cases, we may direct you to some existing tools around campus that can meet your needs with an out of the box solution. In other cases we will work with you to create a site that delivers the message you want to the audience you want to reach and that captures the culture and personality of your unit. Drop us a line at atlas-web@illinois.edu.

How do I update my website?

Updated information is the key to making your site useful and relevant to your audience. There are multiple ways to update the content on your site. For the most frequently updated items such as calendar events, photos, and news stories, we use a variety of online tools to allow you to quickly make a change from anywhere, and we can provide you training on how to use these. For other areas of your site, which may not be updated as often, you will use Contribute, a desktop software tool from Adobe, for updating your site pages. This tool allows you to easily make changes to the content of each page without the fear of accidentally changing the overall style of the site. We're always exploring new ways to make publishing on the web more streamlined, so talk to us if you have ideas on how you'd like to update your content, drop us a line at atlas-web@illinois.edu.