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Open Computer Lab

The ATLAS computer lab in room G8b Foreign Languages Building offers computers with specialized applications for students in LAS courses for coursework and research. Our computer lab is available for walk-in use by all University students during all open hours. Our lab & classroom help desks are located outside the lab in room G8.

  • Announcements.
  • Hardware
    • There are 40 Windows 7 computers, and each has a headset with a microphone.
    • Login with your AD password.
    • 2 printers on site
      • Cost is $0.10/page billed monthly to your University account
      • Sorry, no printing: color, dual-sided, transparencies, or personal paper.
    • 1 scanner.
    • See also: known issues and guides & tips.
  • Policies
    • We do not permit food or drinks without lids in the lab or classrooms.
    • Please respect each other and avoid being noisy.
    • Instructors can request software be installed in the lab for their students, but they may not use the lab for instruction or for class meetings. Please respect the students' work space and conduct meetings and group work in classrooms or offices.
    • We close at the times below and cannot stay open for you to finish anything up. Please finish your work and leave on time.
    • Anyone not following lab policies may be asked to leave.
  • Statistics Consultation Lab:

Schedule for classrooms, open computer lab & help desks

FALL 2013 (Mon, Aug 26 - FRI, DEC 20)

  • Mon-Thu, 8AM-7:50PM
  • Fri: 8AM-4:50PM
  • Aug 19-23, the week before Fall term begins, we will be open 9AM - 4:50 PM.

Spring 2014 (TUE, Jan 21 - fri, may 16)

  • Mon-Thu, 8AM-7:50PM
  • Fri: 8AM-4:50PM
  • Jan 7-11, the week before Spring term begins, we are tentatively open:
    • Wed-Fri, Jan 15-17, 9AM - 4:50 PM
    • If classrooms are requested, we may be open on Mon & Tue.

SUMMER 2014 (Mon, May 19 - Fri, aug 8)

  • Session 1, May 19- Jun 15: CLOSED
  • Session 2, Jun 16 - Aug 8: Mon-Fri, 9AM-4:50PM
  • Intersession
    • Aug 9-17: CLOSED
    • Aug 18-22: Mon-Fri, 9AM-4:50PM


  • All Saturdays & Sundays
  • All campus holidays
  • Nov: the week of Fall Break
  • Dec-Jan: Winter Break (except the last week, right before Spring classes begin)
  • Mar: the week of Spring Break
  • Aug: the week(s) after Summer 2 ends (except the week prior to Fall term)
  • We are also subject to unannounced closings as needed, including any time that the University cancels all classes due to inclement weather or for other reasons.

last updated: 2/26/14