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Reserve Rooms

ATLAS provides student computer classrooms for courses in the College of LAS at the University of Illinois. Rooms may be available to non-LAS users for a fee but are not available for non-University use. Our classrooms have presentation equipment for the instructor and computers for each student.

Related information

  • Announcements & priority deadlines for full semester reservations.
  • Terms & conditions.
  • Open lab: student computers for walk-in use, cannot be reserved or used for instruction or meetings.
  • Software can be installed in the lab or classrooms upon instructor request.
  • Class Data Folders: from our servers you can distribute or collect files from your students.
  • See the links column on this page for more classroom information.
  • ITS (smart) rooms: if you only need an instructor station and no student computers, please check with FMS for a CITES ITS room.