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Application Development

The Application Development team develops and maintains applications that serve the instructional, research, and administrativeneeds of the College of LAS.


FormBuilder is a general-purpose application that can be used for:

  • Replacing paper processes (purchase requests, student forms, etc)
  • Conference and other event registrations (including accepting credit card payments)

Forms can be designed to collect data, move it through a custom workflow, and notify other people or computer systems of a form’s status. To learn more, contact atlas-formbuilder@illinois.edu

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Scheduler allows faculty and staff to request rooms, equipment and more through one program. The mangers can customize the rooms and resources available, easily check for conflicts, and approve requests. For more information, please contact atlas-apps@illinois.edu.


ATLAS Gradebook is a standalone gradebook for use with courses that do not use an existing LMS to manage grades, or wish to incorporate grades from multiple sources into a single gradebook. The ATLAS Gradebook provides both tools for instructors to manage andscale grades and for students to view their grades managed in the application. For more information, please contact atlas-app@illinois.edu

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Scantron Results

The Scantron Results application can be used to electronically distribute the results of a scantron exam from the files provided by CITL. For more information, please contact atlas-apps@illinois.edu

ATLAS Directory

ATLAS Directory is used to store profiles for faculty and staff and is used to populate directory information on departmental websites. User biographical information, publications, and photos can all be included.

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Customer Application Development

The ATLAS Application Development team may be able to assist you with your instructional, research, or administrative efforts. For more information, please contact us at atlas-apps@illinois.edu.

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Services for IT Pros

Our team maintains a few applications that may be of use to other IT Pros on campus. For more information about these applications, please contact atlas-apps@illinois.edu.

SQL Active Directory Populator

This utility is capable of maintaining the membership of one or more AD groups based on campus data. Do you need departmental access groups to be automatically maintained? If so, this tool may be of use.

Roster Service

Do you maintain an application that needs course rosters? This web service may be available for approved users to provide your application with XML or JSON formatted course roster data.

ATLAS Directory Profiles

ATLAS Directory Profiles are available via a collection of XML feeds. This information can be processed by external applications (or even just transformed via XSLT) to generate content to display on a departmental website.